San Diego Manufactured Homes

Ever since the end of World War II, manufactured homes – have been built on factory floors and delivered to their final location. Today’s San Diego manufactured homes are built as well as, if not better than conventionally built homes, in high-tech, climate controlled environments and with a greater set of options than ever before. San Diego manufactured homes come in full range of exterior and interior options, from custom windows and floors to Cathedral ceilings, gourmet kitchens to elegant baths, as well as non finished, partial, or fully finished drywall. San Diego manufactured homes are even available in two stories for tree covered properties in the mountains or sandy, longer lots on the beach.

San Diego Manufactured Home Builders always adhere to the U.S. government’s Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, or HUD code. HUD code regulations specify that all manufactured homes are to be built on a non-removable steel chassis. San Diego manufactured homes are delivered to the property on their own wheels, in one or two sections depending on the size and width of the home, and completed by construction professionals on site. According to your specifications, your dream home can be placed on a permanent foundation in a manufactured home park in California or on a private lot. We are flexible and willing to provide everything you need to make your dream home perfect!

San Diego manufactured homes are built and assembled in the USA in an environmentally controlled factory. San Diego manufactured homes are protected from the elements and constructed with only the highest grade materials to ensure the best quality and workmanship available. The delivery of your dream home will be coordinated and transported efficiently to reduce delivery costs, building delays, and to save you time and money. Our professional engineers, designers, and factories at San Diego Manufactured Home Builders are dedicated to completing your home to your exact specifications and standards to ensuring that you receive your dream home!

With a combined 70 years of design and building experience, San Diego manufactured homes is a second generation manufactured home builder producing top notch products and superior design. San Diego manufactured homes offers custom service from professional manufactured home representatives who are trained to respond to any and all inquiries and discuss your new manufactured home needs to make your dream home exactly that – your dream home!

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